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Deep Hole Drilling Products

Mold Industry

Mold Industry Tools: EJ Company will and does manufacture products for a particular Industry such as this. We manufacture Drills, Cross Hole Drills, and Cross Hole adapters for Mold Manufacturing customers. If the Customer has a Project that requires Special Form Tools, we can help. WE MANUFACTURE TUBES IN HOUSE TO CUSTOMERS LENGTH FOR ALL DRILLS

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These drills are new and have extended wear pads for stability when cross hole drilling is needed. Our drills are designed to decrease the distance between the wear pads. The drills are manufactured in two styles ST that is a single Insert, and the MT drill that has multiple inserts. If you have a need to drill on an angle these drills will be more stable for your operation. In some cases these drills replace the cross hole drill adapters. We manufacture these drills in sizes that are used in the mold industry.

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