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EJ Company is global. We have over 60 distributors and sell to hundreds of companies throughout the United States, Canada, and other countries.

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EJ Company prides itself on the Quality and Delivery of the products that we produce. We manufacture our drills in the US. Our Plant is located about an hour southeast of Nashville Tennessee.

We are a manufacturer of BTA--STS, Ejector --DTS Drills--Tubes, and related products. We have a large product offering that is related to the Deep Hole Drilling Industry.

At EJ Company we are always looking for Products that will be more cost effective for our Customer. One of our New Products, is the Triton Indexable Drill with a range from 2.000 inches to 20+inches with multiple cartridges and wear pads for the different Diameters to serve the needs of our Customers. We have the capability to MFG all of the Drills, cartridges, and wear pads in house with the flexibility to meet the customers’ requirements. When you have a need for Drilling products, brazed or indexable we at EJ Company can help.


  • BTA & Ejector Drills .312--2.560
  • Triton Indexible Drills 2-20 inches
  • Special Diameter & Design
  • Tubes Cut to Length
  • Drills for Mold Industry
  • Cross Hole Drills
  • Cross Hole Adapters
  • 5 Axis CNC Machining
  • CNC Grinding
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