BTA and Ejector Drilling Products


EJ Company manufactures BTA and Ejector drilling products at our facility in Woodbury, Tennessee, approximately one hour southeast of Nashville.  Our products include all of the components needed for every BTA and Ejector drilling application.  Product offerings include drill bits of many different styles,  indexable drill hardware and BTA and Ejector drilling accessories.
We are a manufacturer of BTA–STS, Ejector –DTS Drills–Tubes, and related products. We have a large product offering that is related to the Deep Hole Drilling Industry.

Deep Hole Drilling Products World Wide

Premier American manufacturer of STS (BTA) and DTS (Ejector) deep hole drilling products including and not limited to:

  • Brazed Style Drills
  • Indexable Styles (Drills and accessories)
  • Trepanning Style Drills
  • Tubes – standard and custom length
  • Collets, Sealing Sleeves and Other Accessories
  • Special Diameter & Design
  • Drills for Mold Industry
  • Cross Hole Drills
  • Cross Hole Adapters
BTA and Ejector Drilling Products

Our Products


EJ Company is global. We have over 60 distributors and sell to hundreds of companies throughout the United States, Canada, and other countries.

Map Showing E J Distributors