Custom Tools

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Special Form Drills

Special Form Drills and Boring Heads are manufactured for specific customer requirements. These are some of the tools that we have manufactured for diverse industries such as Aerospace, Automotive Steering, Transmission, Aircraft Landing Gear, Power Generation, Tube Sheet, Mold Industry, Oil and Gas, Valve Manufacturing and many others.

These tools can be manufactured with a Special Radii, Angle, Special Form, Flat Bottom, and many others. If you have a need for a special tool, please contact us for further discussion. These Drills need the same type of coolant system as the BTA&DTS Drills.

Mold Industry

Custom Form Drills

EJ Company will and does manufacture products for an industry such as this. We manufacture drills, cross-hole drills, and cross-hole adapters for mold manufacturing customers.

Mold Drills

These drills are new and have extended wear pads for stability when cross hole drilling is needed. Our drills are designed to decrease the distance between the wear pads. The drills are manufactured in two styles ST that is a single Insert, and the MT drill that has multiple inserts. If you have a need to drill on an angle these drills will be more stable for your operation. In some cases these drills replace the cross hole drill adapters. We manufacture these drills in sizes that are used in the mold industry.

Custom Carbide Inserts

EJ Company is a manufacturer of standard and special carbide inserts. We manufacture special “per print inserts” in a shop that has some 25 years of average experience per person. We have the knowledge and experience to manufacture your special inserts. Our broad experience in the many industries that we have served is an invaluable resource on which our customers may rely. In addition to special inserts, we also have top-notch, on-edge, lay-down, v-bottom and other inserts. These inserts are available in many grades and coatings to improve the tool life and performance in your operation.

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